Attracting the Next Gen

July 2019

As an industry, we have to do more to show the wide range of careers available that are in tune with who young people are, their personalities and their values.

With this in mind, we re-launched the popular quiz. This playful questionnaire gets to the heart of the participant’s interests and then presents them with their construction type (e.g. “The Fixer”), what character traits are useful and what construction roles are available.

Sparking interest

The existing quiz on Go Construct was aimed at young people and sparking their interest in construction careers. The questions were job-focused and too in-depth for users who were casually considering the sector rather than seeking specific roles.

Creating engagement

To create greater engagement with young people, we decided to take a different approach. We were inspired by popular Buzzfeed quizzes and decided to focus on personality revelations rather than funneling people into roles. The questions are now designed to entertain and, ultimately, educate the participant in what construction means, which roles suit different personality types, and the wide choice of potential careers.

Encouraging next steps

Once the participant has completed the quiz, they can explore roles suited to their personality or search for similar positions. Subsequent pages lead users to My World of Work with facts and stats about careers and information on routes to qualification.

Measuring success

With over 10,000 quiz completions during the campaign period, engagement was high. Our analytics show over 300,000 engagements with social media posts and a reach of over three million. This all helps to challenge perceptions and demonstrates the many careers available.

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