Making industry voices heard through Autumn Engagement

January 2020

Over 1,000 employers attended 21 CITB roadshows last autumn, where they had their say on the skills issues that matter most to them.

A Vital Engagement

The events are a way for employers to find out about new and emerging skills issues as well as hearing examples of how their peers have made positive use of CITB grants and funding. It is also a way for us to gain feedback on where employers would like to see more or less investment and activity, which will then be fed into our plans to be shared in April.

The events took place across England, Wales and Scotland, from Inverness in the north to Plymouth in the south west.

Scottish Nation Council member Jim Young said: “From a Levy payer’s perspective, the roadshows are important for providing a get-together forum where views and ideas can be shared”.

Annie Summun, CEO of London-based construction company Kiesel, said: “The event offered a great way to network and find out about the breadth of training opportunities, because often we don’t know about them all.”

Input was shared about the Levy, how the money is invested, and what the industry both needs and wants from CITB. The roadshow also gave employers a chance to let their voices be heard.

Speaking for Wates Group, Bryony Playford said: “CITB has really helped me get a better understanding of the industry.”

Steve Hammond from the Anderson Group stated: “It’s important that as employers we have a voice. I can get my grievances out as well as speak about the good points.”

“From a levy payer’s perspective, the roadshows are important for providing a get-together forum where views and ideas can be shared.”

Jim Young

Scottish Nation Council

Overcoming the skills shortage

With three-quarters of employers stating that they find it difficult to take on suitably skilled staff, the roadshows are a bid to offer new ideas and allow members of the construction industry to engage and support each other. They could also discover ways in which CITB is offering assistance and helping move the industry forward.

Diversity within the industry was another subject that was explored. Building a diverse workforce would help address the skills shortage and encourage prospective employees to choose the world of construction for their career.

During the course of the day, there were also opportunities for employers to speak and liaise with external sector experts at market stands. Advice was given on subjects including procurement, contracts and winning tenders.

The future

Following on from the success of the Autumn roadshows, Spring employer roadshows are planned to start on 18 March in London with further events around Great Britain until the 13 May.

You can book your place here.

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