Our Big Six is about ensuring we are in the best shape to support you. It lets us tackle your most vital challenges.

A career destination

In 2018 we raised awareness of construction, reaching over 900,000 young people through social media campaigns, and supported careers events across Britain, promoting construction to over 120,000.

Having laid the groundwork in 2018, in 2019 we have piloted a nationwide campaign that will change attitudes to attract and inspire many more recruits. It is being launched in a phased and targeted way and only when all the necessary systems are in place.

Site-ready workforce

In 2018 we launched the Construction Skills Fund, creating 26 on-site hubs from the UK government’s Construction Skills Fund. We know you need many more work-ready entrants, so, in 2019/20, we will support the creation of 20 more on-site learning hubs across Wales, Scotland and rural England – between them, they will deliver 31,000 work-ready or trained individuals in the next three years.

Growing apprenticeships

In 2019 we will commence activity that, by 2025, will deliver a 63% increase in the number of apprentices joining construction and a 110% increase in the diversity of applicants. We’ve already lifted attendance and achievement grant rates and will provide additional help for travel and subsistence from September, as well as launching a pilot to help SMEs take on apprentices.

Learners into workers

In 2018 our careers campaigning helped more people get on to construction courses but we know more people are trained in our colleges than join the industry. From 2019 we’ll work with our education partners to double the flow from just 9,000 now, to 18,000 by 2025.

A bricklaying and painting and decorating pilot have kickstarted this initiative and will improve the employability of learners on these courses. If successful, we’ll widen this to other occupations. We’ll also work on other pathways from FE to employment, including T levels in England.

Helping SMEs

In 2018 we helped over 1,400 small and micro employers to access £6m in training support. We’ll extend the Skills and Training Fund to help medium sized firms, those with up to 250 employees, and continue to invest in small and micro employers by growing the fund to £8m reaching 1,900 firms.


In 2019/20 our investments will see an additional 220 assessors trained this year, adding capacity to deliver an additional 22,000 vocational qualifications per year. We will also fund the set-up of eight assessment centres, adding further capacity to train assessors.

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